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Promotion and advertising

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Numbers give the best evidence of Helion’s advertising activity. Every year the marketing division prepares almost 300,000 advertising materials (ranging from free gifts, posters and carrier bags, to cartboard stands, light coffers and company’s display bookcases) and nearly 100,000 catalogues with the publisher’s full offer.

Booksellers, journalists and readers are systematically informed about new books, and frequent advertising campaigns are to promote reading habit and support sales of Helion’s publications.

Helion is continuously present in the media. Every year hundreds of book reviews appear in the press and lots of advertisements are published in the most popular computer and business magazines.

The publishing house is also increasingly involved in electronic marketing operations. Using its own and external individual customer databases, Helion supports marketing actions on the traditional market. It runs marketing and parnership operations on many websites and portals. Internet bookstores -- helion.pl and onepress.pl -- run by the publisher belong to the biggest specialist bookstores in Poland.

Representatives of the publishing house are present at the most important book fairs, visit conferences and seminars, regularly promote books among students by means of organizing book exhibitions at universities.

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