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The stormy development of new technologies, without parallel in human history, has resulted in hunger for information. Finding one’s choice of careers in today’s society depends to a large extent on satisfying this hunger — people who underestimate the need to develop are quickly left behind, and not only do they lose a chance to find a sensible job or to get a promotion, but even an ability to understand the world they live in.

We prepare our books taking into consideration this hunger for information, whose satisfaction requires serious treatment of our Readers and their aspiration for knowledge. That is why we select our authors very carefully: they are professionals — people who have a lot of experience and educational talent, whose knowledge is based on a passion of study and practice.

We publish books by the best Polish authors and translations of the most valuable books from foreign publishers. Our books are located and adapted to Polish reality. They are characterized by a high level of editing, professionalism, clarity and complexity of description. Our purpose is to provide Readers with reliable knowledge in a precise, clear and intelligible way.

Get to know the fascinating world of computer science.
Andrzej Pikoń

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