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Start a Fire. First round

4.3/6  Opinie: 3
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P.S. HERYTIERA - she debuted in 2016 on Wattpad, where she was the first writer in Poland to get over 115,000 followers. Known under the nickname PIZGACZ, the author of the HELL trilogy, currently a first-year student of journalism and social communication. A devourer of readers' emotions, in love with her dog and Wrocław.

We started a fire we couldn't keep in check.

Victoria Joseline Clark had never been a particularly prudent girl, though she could not be accused of lacking smarts. For the seventeen years of her life, she considered herself to be an average person and led an average existence at that. Studying at a renowned high school, constant quarrels with her annoying twin brother, frequent parties with friends, and family dinners in the company of her caring mother and faithful dog were her daily bread. Her parents had one goal: to raise their children to be upstanding citizens. Since she was little, rigid rules were instilled in her, which she followed blindly, convinced that they would protect her from the problems her mother would tell her about. Unfortunately, the girl was not ready for the fact that her biggest nuisance may turn out to be a tall boy with a dead gaze and a cold smile. A few poorly chosen words and being in the wrong place at the wrong time was all it took to start a fight she wasn't ready for. Everything spiraled out of control when this black-eyed, jaded boy turned out to be the favorite of the illegal boxing matches that her mother, the mayor's right-hand woman and trusted friend of the police officers, had hated for years.

Victoria wishes she could turn back time; whenever she looks into those eyes black as night, she mentally begged never to see them again. He was a problem she couldn't solve. The chaos that had come. The darkness she would cling to. The eighth deadly sin she wanted to commit. She begged for absolution that never came. Because they were both too great sinners.

Will you be brave enough to open your eyes?

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I had heard about PIZGACZ and Start a Fire for a long time and was very curious about the story. I didn't know what to expect; I had no expectations whatsoever, and I got such an emotional shellshock that at times it was hard for me to collect my thoughts. This is not a book about beautiful and pure love; this is not a hot romance; this is not a light-hearted story about first love. Start a Fire is a novel full of extreme emotions, all the wrong choices and toxic relationships, a novel about young people whose feelings suddenly explode, sparks flying, and everything around them starts to burn. And nothing can put out this fire. The debut of the year? I think that is an understatement. This book is PHENOMENAL! I highly recommend it!

K. N. HANER, Known as the Queen of Drama, author of, among others, the Dangerous Men series

There are stories that you read to read, process in your head and forget. Some evoke a range of emotions and teach us something. But there are also those like this one. Stories that ruthlessly draw us in and brutally make us aware of the corruption and meanness that lies dormant in us \[...]. This story is not good. It's terrific. Everything in it has been well wrapped up, thought out and serves a specific purpose. The characters are magnetizing and press into your veins like the venom of the snake that tempted Eve in paradise. Start a Fire marks the beginning of Victoria Clark's downfall. And everyone who picks up this book will fall with her, because Nathaniel Shey is not a character to be forgotten.

FORTUNATEEM, Author of the book Emerald. Stones of Miami

This book draws you in. It digs its talons deep into your mind and does not let go. At every step, the reader wants to go back to reading, and after finishing, is left with huge chaos, which only intensifies the desire to read more volumes [...]. In a way, the Hell trilogy can be called an icon of Polish Wattpad. This is not a simple, stereotypical story. It's an entirely well-planned novel, with elements so real that it's hard to believe they're fiction.

NATALIA ANTCZAK, @sztambuchczyta


Książka dla czytelników powyżej osiemnastego roku życia.

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Katarzyna Barlińska vel P.S. HERYTIERA - autorka książek z kategorii Young Adult. Zaczęła publikować swoje utwory w 2016 roku na platformie Wattpad, posługując się pseudonimami „Pizgacz” oraz P.S. HerytieraNa Wattpadzie jako pierwsza w Polsce zebrała ponad 115 tysięcy obserwujących. Jeszcze przed maturą podpisała z wydawnictwem BEYA umowę na wydanie trylogii HELL. Jej pierwszą częścią jest Start a Fire. Runda Pierwsza, która osiągnęła 15 milionów odsłon na Wattpadzie. W 2023 roku za Start a Fire, Runda Pierwsza Katarzyna Barlińska otrzymała Bestseller Empiku w kategorii Young Adult. Autorka pochodzi z Chełma, aktualnie mieszka w Warszawie. Jest zakochana w swoim psie i we Wrocławiu.

Katarzyna Barlińska vel P.S. HERYTIERA - "Pizgacz" - pozostałe książki

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